Today’s mental health reminder: a relapse, a sudden series of attacks, a string of awful days, (or whatever your step back may be) does not decrease your value. Take your time, do some self care, reflect on the progress that you have made. You are strong; one step back is nothing when you look at the journey you have already made.

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A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom. He has no master except his own soul, and that, I am sure, is why he does it.

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Harry Styles is BAD :) dream inspired…

Why did he always have to make everything including love so dangerous?

Golden fingers of sunlight play against my skin and it tickles but feels good warming my icy face up.  It’s like summer in autumn’s winter- crazy right? That’s Melbourne’s whacky weather for you.

Ari and myself are making a fuss on the school steps, just chillin out singing and dancing to some Daddy Yankee.. But it is was not long before our little dance party wraps up. A car horn sounds and Ari snaps shut her iPad aka our potable speaker. With a quick squeezy hug and massive grin spread across her face she rushes to Liam in the car who plants a sweet kiss on her lips smiling and grabs her bag and plonks in the back of the orange Ferrari. Fancy dude with a hot ride. I muse to myself.

“See you later!” Ari chimes, with a flick of her mermaid-esque hair. “I’ll see you tonight!” And with that she slammed the door shut that she sped off into the Friday twilight, music pounding from the car’s open windows.

Sighing I got off my but and strolled back into the school knowing I had some time to kill. 


 The school grounds were barren… no people on premises, no sign of life accept mine- Nothing, left. The seats from the canteen area have been pulled out, all the plants uprooted.  Bright yellow Warning tape plastered the Nicholson building its windows shattered; a baseball bat was left astray. It looked like an absolute industrial war-zone. I grimaced at the sight the once ‘plush’ school was utterly destroyed.

My laughter moments ago were replaced with a scowl like it was every time I visited the school grounds. I grabbed the lone baseball bat in my hands and strode into the ex-weights room, looking like an abandoned warehouse thinking:

Who had the nerve to do this?

How dare they.

It was him. I knew it. I just knew it…

The darkness of the warehouse enveloped me. It was pitch black, the sound of clinking metal on metal, probably weights, echoed from the black hole.  I closed the door with a more then louder bang. My eyes squinted at the sound also adjusting to the dimness.


There he was doing impressive chin ups, his body moving up and down in time to my rapid heartbeat which was mind you very, very fast.  I watched silently for a few minutes. His toned physique never ceased to impress me.

Still oblivious to my presence, he jumped down, from where he was, raking a hand through his perfectly clurly, cut dark brown hair and walking over to the next station, suddenly turning around with a grin. He always did that. I instantly looked away but his amazing green-blue eyes met mine just before I could look away. 

“Aylah” He smirked.  

“Harry,” I replied with special measure. “Working out I see,”

“As always” he said coolily, swiping a black V-neck tee over his head. “But you know, can’t do it without my boys,”

On cue, another 4 to 5 beefy guys around 18 years old emerged from the dark, most of them with a towel around their neck, mean smiles and shifty attitudes. 

“Waddup girl,” One of his muscular pals said sizing me up. I Shuddered. “Hi… there,” I said awkwardly backing up like a tonka truck turning to face ‘Hazza.’

“Savagely defacing school property again I noticed,” I remarked to him, twirling the baseball bat in my hand. “Quiet disgusting if you ask me, I mean education for thousand of girls ruined for your little- fun and games, your rebel ‘HQ’ or whatever, really pathetic.” I said sternly.

“You don’t change much do you Ay?” Harry replied simply ignoring my comments. “Always worried about school and being a good girl right? But you know we can change that.”  He added.

“Oh yeah?” I challenged. “I like to see that happen, or will you just gag and bound me up because you’re so damn rank and think you can do what ever the hell you want?” I spat repulsed at his ways. For a moment a look of despair swept his features. He actually looked a bit hurt. But that was only momentarily.

“Yeah, We can do that too, tie and gag you,” he said smoothly. All his pals made whooping and whistling sounds.  He stood there his arms crossed smugly across his broad chest. What a little pretentious shit… an extremely good-looking pretentious little shit I thought eyeing up the inhumanly perfect, strong tanned cheekbones and jawlines- his gorgeously made up face of a male model. Quit it Aylah Quit it, the inner me yelled.

“You see we could do that because we can do whatever we want and desire okay Aylah, We can also do a lot damage if you don’t get out of here in time, and we wouldn’t want to hurt that precious pretty face of yours now would we?” Harry said reaching out to stroke my face with his fore thumb in that affectionate way your dad or mum would do when you were young. 

I swatted it away, flinching. “Stop. Quit the BS Harry, seriously”

“I don’t think I want to,” he replied remaining stationary. Irked, I stepped back- back into one of the guy’s chest. Now they had me circled, great.

“Better get out of here baby-cakes, before we get you!” The one with dark skin, dreads and tiger-eyes mocked. I think his name was Leroy. I gave him a WTF face that didn’t seem to faze them.

They started snarling and barking like dogs. My eyes widened, although pathetic this was kinda a risky situation to be in.

Laughing, Hazz stood next to them his gaze challenging my steely, pissed off one. His devious leer that screamed: ‘You can’t touch or do anything about me’ was written all over his arresting features- a constant reminder that him and his ‘gangsters’ were now running the yards and could talk to me however they wanted. It’s there territory now and boy did that annoy me. They were acting like 5-year-old loonies and Harry was there stupid carer.

‘’Scared yet, baby girl?” Leroy the dreadlocks, asked. He lunged forward trying to push me back, but my strength kept my feet rooted to the ground.  I smiled pleased. He looked terrified. “What the hell girl, takin’ steroids or what?” he muttered.

“Never will I fear you, I repeat never,” I replied and spat on the floor. A big spit. That’ll show them who’s a baby-girl I grinned- not me. With force, I threw the baseball bat at Harry who grunted in response. “Ciao el Idiotos!” I sing songed shoving past their bulky barrier of muscle. I was out of here!

“GET THE GIRL!” One of the beefcakes yelled. Hazza-boy remained immobile, dumbfounded at my little act of rebellion watching me bolt.

I flipped my red hood, feeling like a badass red riding hood sprinted out of the school back onto Burkley Street, feeling totally ah-ma-zing. Neither him nor his cronies tailed me. HA. Too fast for them I chortled catching my breath.

I noticed two police Porsches were parked outside the school, I eyed up its gleam, smiling at the somewhat therapeutic sight. It wasn’t a Maserati but hey, still a nice one! I strolled up to them to catch a better look.


Huh? I kept on walking only this time with more speed.


Ignorance was key, I so was not submitting to one of Harry’s cronies, games. I kept on walking, speed walking this time but someone grabbed my arms from behind, jolting me back.

“I said put your hands up,” the voice whispered harshly into my ear.

Whimpering, I shook my head.

“Okay,” I merely managed, but my hands were still held tight, I tried to lift them up.

“Not now,” he grunted. I felt something pressed to my head, the tip of a gun. I gasped a tear rolled down my cheek. I sobbed.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” the guy snarled. Closing my eyes feeling ready to implode at the clicking noise of the trigger I mustered: “Please- Please don’t…”

But it was to late.

The trigger was pulled. A strangled cry escaped my mouth. There was the ‘Click, click.’ but no Boom. I gasped at my fate baffled. “I’ll save you now, but I can’t always baby.” The same gnarly, voice whispered hotly into my ear.

The gun-holder spun me around and there I was. His lips crashed onto mine, kissing away my tears. It was Harry.

Only Harry.  

 I enjoyed his smooth and soft lips, his exploring mouth on mine. If that’s how Harry wanted to play it, I would too.

I kissed him back, only deeper and better. I tightened my grip around his neck, pulling his face closer, as if it was the last time! Why did he always have to make everything including love so dangerous?



A/N: This was dream-inspired by my good friend… so many thanks to her. With a little more ‘dream’ i made this and hope you enjoyed it! I would love to hear feedback and requests! xx Leanne xo 

Me as a Reality Show Contestant

  • Me In Talking Head Interview: I DIDN'T COME HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS.
  • Me: I mean, I hope I do though.
  • Me: I really want to.
  • Me: Wait, do the other contestants not like me?
  • Me: Did they say something to you?


So I am going to straight out seize the day here and do something a lil ‘crae-crae’ and sing for you dear reader/ (now listener) The perks of having a house to myself allows me to sing my little heart out…. not fantastically as you may gather, but singing makes me happy and I discovered doing things that make me happy is so important! I love to create and so I will love to share! Writing is my passion but so is music! It helps me get through some pretty hard times and sweet ones too…and with some confidence I have decided to upload this lil video for your contentment… and if not potentially mine haha. Anyway thankyou everyone who has checked this out… and have a lovely day! Oh n Feel free to lemme knoe what you think! I do not bite… much haha ;p But please be nice, I am human just as you are and I have a cold… 

so yes! goodbyee!! Xx Leanne… Seize the moment!! Carpe Diem! XIV 

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For all the confidence I have lost over the years, I can now pledge to myself to a stronger, more feircer person because that is what life has taught me thus far. I want to be able to share with you all my new found happiness :) Thankyou life for showing me that it is ok to go through stuff because at the end of the day it can make you.. stronger! 

peace & love Leanne XXXxxO